IPMS Livonia 

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976


Upcoming Meeting Schedule – 2020

Here is our tentative schedule for the year.

On Model-of-the-Month nights, we hold a friendly competition of members’ most recent work.  Points collected throughout the year determine the club’s Modeler-of-the-Year.

On Mini-Contests nights, we hold a friendly competition with a specific theme.  Wins do not influence the “Modeler-of-the-Year” scores.

On Demo Nights, we usually have two different demonstrations of techniques, tools, or some other interesting thing.

Don’t forget to check out all of the local shows and events on our Event Calendar.  Check out previous meetings here.


Jan 21 – Model of the Month

Feb 11 – Demo Night: “Programmable Lighting” with Erik, and “All About Paints” with Ian

Feb 22 – Holiday / Model-of-the-Year 2019 Party

March 10 – Model of the Month

April 14 – Demo Night: **CANCELLED ** “Wiring Engines” with Tim, and “Decals Tips and Tricks” with Alex

May 12 – Model of the Month

June 9 – Just-For-Fun Contest – Theme is “Hot or Cold.” (Winter themes, desert themes, fire, ice, …surprise us!)

July 14 – Model of the Month

August 11 – Demo Night: a round-table discussion of “What Judges Look For”

September 8 – Model of the Month

CANCELLED: (October 3 – CAN-AM Contest, Livonia MI)

October 13 – Demo Night: “Casting a Mold” with Brian F., and “Rust Technique”

(October 21 – Crosstown Contest at IPMS Warren)

November 10 – Model of the Month

December 8 – Demo Night: “Painting Fire and Lava” with Albert, and “Snow Technique” with Ian/Travis