IPMS Livonia 

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976



Alpine Miniatures – USA – Military figures and busts
Andrea Miniatures – Spain – Historical, fantasy, and pop culture
Art Miniatures – Russia – Fantasy and historical busts
Big Child Creatives – Spain – Fantasy figures and busts
Black Heart Models – USA – Classic monster and horror busts
Blacksmith Miniatures – France – Fantasy figures and busts
Bombshell Miniatures – USA – Fantasy and Sci-Fi figures
Break The Mold Miniatures – Spain – Fantasy and character busts
Cool Mini or Not – USA – Gaming minis and an amazing gallery
Creature Caster – Canada – Fantasy and horror
Creepytables – Poland – Fantasy and character busts
Dark Sword Miniatures – USA – Metal fantasy miniatures
Fernando Ruiz Miniatures – Spain – History, Sci-Fi, Fantasy figures and busts
Industria Mechanika – USA – Unique vehicles, ships, figures and accessories
Iribis Miniatures – Russia – History, art, and fantasy
Jeff Shiu Miniatures – Military
JL Crinon – USA – Monsters, movie characters, backdrops
Kingdom Death – USA – Fantasy and horror miniatures
Life Miniatures – Korea – Military, history and fantasy
Machination Studio – Fantasy Mechs and Robots
Mindwork Games – Italy – Fantasy and characters
Morland Studios – USA – Metal fantasy minis
Nocturna Models – Spain – History and fantasy
Planet Figure
Reaper Mini – USA – Metal and plastic fantasy, gaming miniatures and paints
Romain Van Den Bogaert – France – Fantasy and character figures and busts
Spiramirabilis Miniatures
United Empire Miniatures
Valkiria Miniatures – Poland – Historical pin-ups