IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Monthly Meeting – September 2019

Our September meeting was held on a warm, muggy night.  We welcomed 18 members, and had two new guests.

Mike is a member of “IPMS Willow Run Bomber Plant.  He came to check out our club, and showed off a couple nice models, including a see-through Challenger he built in 1968!  It was as clear and un-yellowed as the day he bought it.

Nathan heard about the club online.  He brought a 1:700 ship to share, and everyone was blown away by his nice build.

In other news, we held our first Nankin Gift Certificate Give-Away.  It’s a raffle, and all you have to do to enter is be a member and show up!  Rowan won this prize this month.  Congrats!

Speaking of Nankin: The Motor City Kids Club will be moving from Livonia Nankin on Saturdays to the St. Paul Lutheran Church and School in Northville, MI.  Please check back for more concrete details as they are finalized.

This also means that we will be losing our “Build Day” location at some point as well.  Again, we will post more details as they become available.

Albert made some club logo buttons and passed a bag of them around the room for everyone to enjoy.  If you didn’t get one, or would like more, please see Albert.

Jeff W. brought in some MDF building for people to check out.  Jeff uses them for gaming, but there are probably lots of uses our members can think up.

Next month, IPMS Livonia will be hosting the “Cross-Town Contest” against IPMS Warren.  It should be fun to have a lot of visitors and models on the table.  The Special category is “Animal Names”, and any model that has an animal name is eligible: Tiger tank, Mustang vehicle, S.S. Minnow, etc.  We’ll post more details on the front page soon.

This month’s Model-of-the-Month winner is Bob Pizio.    Bob worked about 7 months on his 1\25 Junkyard project, which includes 3 rusted-out vehicles, two figures, a dog carrying a stuffed animal, and tons of details.

Bob is currently in the running for Modeler of the Year.  Check out all the stats here!

This month’s Junior Model-of-the-Month winner is Rowan Bennett.   Rowan won with a 1\144 Jagtiger.  Rowan, in addition to being a great modeler, always impresses the room with his fantastic knowledge of the subject matter.

Robert Helms
1/20 DEF Models
No assembly, just painting

Jim Ashford
F-4E Phantom II
1\48 Hasegawa

Ian Dow
74 Rallye Bug
1/43 “Racing 43”
Added tires, tread, MV Lenses, interior, roll bar, belts, exhaust

Randy Helms
Israeli M1 Sherman
1/35 Tamiya
Mig figure, tank stowage, weathered with pastels and oils

Tim Howell
Modern Soldier
1\35 Live Resin
13 different greens used

Bill Pelton
Douglas A-1J Skyraider
1\48 Tamiya

Randy Helms
1\35 Italieri
Stowage is Value Gear Truck Stowage
Weathering is mostly AK Pencils

Jeff Wiertalla
WWII German Panzergrenadiers