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2018 CAN-AM Challenge Winners

Congratulations Canada!

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Judges Best of Show

Ziyi Zhang
Sino Cruiser “Yang-Wu”

People’s Choice

Scott Withers
Drowning Wolf

Best Aircraft

Jack Oliver

Jim Hayes Memorial Award
(Best Military Vehicle)

Nathan Laporte
Syrian T-72AV

Best Automotive

Chuck Stewart
Fiat Mefistofele

Best Race Car

John Tinay
Matra 670B

Best Ship

Ziyi Zhang
Sino Cruiser “Yang-Wu”

Best Figure

Kevin Foureman

Best Space and Science Fiction

Sean Kepsel
Gundam Barbatos

Best Junior

Aaron Lask
Millennium Falcon

Best Model of a Canadian Subject

Sandy McRorie
Stuart V

Best Model of an American Subject

Gary Burmann

Best F-4 Phantom

Lorenzo Vitali
F-4E Phantom

Best NASA Subject

Camden Koukol
Redstone Rocket w/ Mercury Capsule

Best Movie Monster

Al Warner
Pennywise (2017 Version)

“Go Big or Go Home”
Best Large Scale

Chuck Winton
USS Arizona (200th Scale)