IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Here is our tentative meeting schedule for the year.

On Model-of-the-Month nights, we hold a friendly competition of members’ most recent work.  Points collected throughout the year determine the club’s Modeler-of-the-Year.

On Mini-Contests nights, we hold a friendly competition with a specific theme.  Wins do not influence the “Modeler-of-the-Year” scores.

On Demo Nights, we usually have two different demonstrations of techniques, tools, or some other interesting thing.

Our Themes are simply suggestions to motivate your builds.  Following the theme of the month is optional.

Don’t forget to check out all of the local shows and events on our Event Calendar.  Check out previous meetings here.


January – Model of the Month Night
Theme – “Civilian Craft”
* Build something designed and used for non-military use
Discussion Topics
*What did you get for Christmas?

February – Demo Night – Photographing Models with Chris Wesley
Theme – “In Love with Red”
* This month’s theme is the color Red. Car, Truck, Plane, Figure, it doesn’t matter as long as the main theme/color is red.
Discussion Topics:
* How members will vote for IPMS Livonia Model of the Year
* Contest Venting/Unbelievable Stories

March – Model of the Month Night
Theme – “I’m Curious about…That One”
* We all have that one kit or subject that we would love to try, or maybe love is a strong word. Anyway, for this month pick a theme, genre or type of model that you have never tried before.
Discussion Topic: Save your money (tools and supplies that don’t work)

April – Demo Night – All About Decals with Alex M.
Theme – TBD
Discussion Topic: Modeling Shortcuts/Hacks

May – Model of the Month Night
Theme – “TV/Movie Icons”
* Have a favorite TV show or movie? Great, now build something from it.
Discussion Topic –  Most Enjoyable Build

June – Demo Night – TBD
Theme – “Cargo”
* This build is focused around any type of cargo. Train, Car, Truck, Ship or Plane
Discussion Topic: What do you wish you had known when you started modeling?

July – Model of the Month
Theme – “Scratch that Itch to Build”
* Let’s get a crazy with this one. Create something fully custom from your spare parts bin, leftover sprue and a max $10 at the dollar store. This can be the main subject of your build, a miniature of some sort, diorama, pretty much anything.
Discussion Topic: All Time Favorite Model

August – Demo Night – TBD
Theme – “Faster than Fast”
* The genre doesn’t matter for this build, all you have to do is build the fastest subject in any genre that you want. The fastest car, fastest plane, fastest boat.
Discussion Topic: What scale do you like to build in and what manufacturers produce the best model kits?

September – Model of the Month
Theme – “Here come the sci-fi robots”
* Gundam, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Robotech, Pacific Rim, etc. All this build needs to be is a Robot from a Sci-fi subject.
Discussion Topic: Worst Model You Have Every Built

October – Demo – TBD
Theme – “Haunted Build”
* This may take some thought and research, but pick something that has a mystery or haunting ghost store surrounding it. A crashed plane mystery, mysterious shipwreck, haunted car, it’s up to you.
Discussion Topic: What are you afraid to ask?

November – Model of the Month
Theme – “I’m thankful this kit is simple”
* This should be an easy and simple, maybe even a snap-tite kit. Something quick and easy with a minimal parts count that can easily be completed over a weekend or a couple hours. Something to remind us why we love building models and to help inspire us to keep building.
Discussion Topic: What is your Modeling Origin Story?

December – Demo Night – Sculpting with Greenstuff with Albert D.
Theme – “Holiday Theme”
* Santa Claus is coming to town!! Think of a holiday theme and build your kits around what every theme you would like. Drag Racing Santa?? Go for it, let’s get creative.
Discussion Topics: What model do you feel like you aren’t ready to build?