IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Monthly Meeting – May 2018

This month we got the rundown on some recent shows, and all of the gold and silver medals the Livonia crew brought home.

Then, we held our Model-of-the-Month Contest.  There were 14 new entries on the table.

Following the contest, Jerry gave a demo on a salt technique for a simulated paint-chipping technique, great for simulating damage or weathering.

This month’s winner was Al Vassallo’s F4-J.  Al had the biggest model (1/32) on the table!

An avid builder, Al’s favorite aircraft Is the F4 Phantom.  He has built many F4 kits, but considers this one to be his very best!

John Kesner
Japanese Kami

Jim Ashford        Dornier 335B-2   “Arrow”

Jim Ashford   FW190D-9  “Dora”

Ian Dow
Santa’s Rest

Jerry Fraske    F15-C

Erik Hjelmberg   M113A3

Erik Hjelmberg   H32 Hopper

Tim Howell    M1A1HA

James Rudy Rudolph
HONDA  Trail 70

James Rudy Rudolph
1995 GMC Sonoma

Alexander Mierzejewski    Fw190D-9  “Dora”

Albert Divetta
Freddy Flute

Albert Divetta
Caddyshack Gopher