IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Summer Hobbies


As summer begins, ends and begins again we usually find ourselves in that slumpy in between time of building. If it is rainy, damp and chilly I can think of no place I would rather be than in the basement working on a model. If the sun is out, the birds are chirping and the temps are climbing then the basement is not the first place I head to. The problem is that not building for long stretches makes the creative juices dry up. If you are like me I have several projects going and sometimes they interest me and other times, not so much. I have found that like many things if you just spend a few minutes working on the project, then even though you do not get much accomplished, you still make headway. The hardest part of any project is to keep the rhythm going and keep pushing forward. So instead of trying to get something completed or think about how big the project is, just think about painting 2 pieces or gluing 3 pieces together. Do it the absolute best you can. Just spend a few minutes, but make that time count. Then when you have more time and you go back, you will have steps completed and the work will not look rushed.

Meeting Time:

The meeting will be held at its usual time of 8:00pm Tuesday June 12th at the Pierson Center. Social hour is at 7:30 until 8:00pm and then the meeting will start. The focus of the meeting will be Lake Freighter Miniatures. There will be a demo and discussion about the paper models that they produce. Show up with and open mind and an appetite for learning and see what a paper model can look like.