IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Crosstown 2019 Recap

In October, the Livonia club hosted the Crosstown Contest.  Members of IPMS Warren were invited to our side of town for a friendly contest.  The Crosstown Contest used to be a yearly event, but it has been several years since a contest was held.  The contest had several categories:

  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Ships
  • Military Vehicles
  • Juniors
  • Other

The theme of the contest was “Animal Names.”  Any model that shared its name with an animal was eligible for possible bonus points for their club.

A big thank-you to the Warren members who came out.  Dan Hess and John Aiello both contributed models to the show.  We know it’s a long drive on a weeknight.  And the away team seems to have the disadvantage, on pure numbers alone.  For further contests, we hope to fine-tune the start and finish times, so that it’s easy to get here, and fun while you are here.

We made a batch of Livonia name badges for our team.  If you weren’t able to come, see Albert for your badge.  Hopefully, we can save and use these badges for other upcoming events, like the Livonia Library Build Day, and CAN-AM III in 2020.

In total, we had:

  • 24 Livonia members
  • 4 Warren Members
  • 2 Dual Members
  • 52 Models entered!

The winners for each category were:

  • Aircraft: Jim Ashford‘s 1:48 F-4E Phantom II
  • Automotive: Tie – Bob Pizio‘s ’40 Ford and Bob Pizio’s ’58 Ford
  • Military: Tim Howell‘s Spyder Tactical Dune Buggy
  • Ships: Alex M‘s Type VII U-Boat
  • Other: Albert Divetta‘s Wicked Witch
  • Juniors: Nathan Schechter‘s German Z-36 Destroyer
  • Livonia’s Tim Howell took the “Animal Name” points for his Spyder Tactical Dune Buggy.

IPMS Livonia was the winner this year. with a score of 41-5.  Thanks to Jim Ashford and Travis Blevins for doing so much of the setup and planning, and calculating the end results.  Livonia gets to hold on to the Dr. Terry Racicot Crosstown Award until the next meeting.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

And thanks to our newest member, Nathan, who joined at this meeting, and brought some great ships to share!