IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Model of the Year 2019

Our club holds a holiday party in February, long after the usual holiday season has ended.  Thanks to Ian for hosting again.  I don’t think we did any visible damage.  The usual gang was there, and it’s always good to see new faces.  Thanks to Erik H., Russ H., Bob P., and Al V. for making it this year!

Model of the Year

Members are encouraged to bring their best work from 2019.  The dining room table filled up quickly, and we had to add a card table to accommodate all of the models.   Chris Nichols and Al Vassallo had some large eye-catching entries.  And Junior Rowan Bennett, in addition to his entries from the year, brought a Lego International Space Station as a gag entry.

It’s difficult to choose the best of the best.   But the votes were for Tim Howell’s Fast Attack Vehicle as the Model of the Year for 2019!

Junior member Rowan Bennett’s SPAAV took the best Junior Model of the Year, followed very closely by his Lego ISS!

There was plenty of pizza, snacks, and sudsy beverages.  And Alex brought his delicious crushed-Oreo chocolate balls, which barely made it to the end of the party.

The Raffle

One way the club raises funds is raffling off old kits.  Everyone donates their dusty stinkers.  And then we pay good money to try to win them back.  There’s a lot of groaning and laughs as we win (or don’t win) someone else’s cast-offs.  Travis Blevins was the MC and ticket puller this year, and he kept up the show with a lot of enthusiasm.

Thanks for a fun night, everyone, and we’ll see you again in a year!