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June 2020 Hot or Cold Gallery

Here are the entries for our Hot-or-Cold themed contest.  Each entry should have some loose connection with a hot or cold theme.

A voting ballot can be found at the bottom of the page.

Hot-or-Cold #1
Erik Hjelmberg
1/72, possibly Dragon

It has about 20 layers of paint on it.  I had given up on it a couple years ago and left it by my paint booth as a test piece. Then I decided to try to hairspray method for winter camo.  I pulled it out and repainted it yellow and green, and whitewashed it, it turned out good so I finished it.
Built out of the box, also one of my first attempt at sculpting stowaway from greenstuff.
Base is a hardwood sample from Home Depot with Sculptamold, covered in grout

Hot-or-Cold #2
Steve Freeman
RoboTech Defender Thoren
Revell 1/48 scale kit # 1150

Robotech defenders are humanoid war machines, each having a unique ability and environmental specialty. Thoren can deal with heat and magma.

Story Line

A team of pilots fight a savage race of aliens, called “Grelons”, who have conquered Earth using superior technology. They plan to colonize Earth, using their titanic humanoid war machines to eliminate all resistance. The heroes, a small combat unit, are losing badly when their leader accidentally activates one of the Robotech Defenders. She then learns of the existence of the other machines, which are scattered on the other pilots’ home planets.

The team have managed to recover all the robots and engage the enemy in battle, but are still defeated and get captured. They escape by pushing a big red button which releases the Defenders’ minds, unleashing the latter’s’ full combat capabilities. The pilots then track down the controller of the savage aliens. They defeat him by causing the evil alien energy siphon to suck the energy from the sun, causing their spaceship to explode.

Hot-or-Cold #3
Jim Ashford
Hurricane Mk IId
Hasgawa 1/48

Number 6 Squadron, Western Desert 1942, where it would have been rather hot.

Hot-or-Cold #4
Albert Divetta
Rioting Villager
Reaper 1/35

This was an attempt at painting some fire, and seeing if I could do some subtle object-source lighting.

Hot-or-Cold #5
Travis Blevins
Grand Master Victor
Games Workshop 25mm

Figure painted with Citadel and Vallejo game color.
Snow is Woodland Scenics snow powder mixed with white glue and water

Hot-or-Cold #6

Ian Dow
Santa’s Rest
Andrea Miniatures, 55mm
Scratch-built the train, wreath, presents, and made a new wooden floor so it was completely square.


Hot-or-Cold #7
Erik Hjelmberg
Whirlpool Ice Cube 
1/2 scale Scratch built

1/2 scale model of a Whirlpool ice cube. Scratch built using the only finest Fiji water at speedway. I created a custom mold from styrene. And sealed it up water tight before putting it in the same Whirlpool freezer that creates the prototype Ice cubes. By doing that it guarantees the most accurate crystalline structure to the prototype due to all the same temperature and humidity conditions being present at creation.