IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Monthly Meeting – June 2020

Our June meeting was another online meeting via Zoom.  Ian “Zoom Hater” Dow showed up for the first time.  And Bob Blevins checked in while eating in his car at the Daly Drive-In.


CAN-AM 2020 Show Cancelled

The big club news was that the Contest Committee decided to cancel the Oct. 3 CAN-AM 2020 show, to be revisited in 2021 or 2022.  It’s a disappointment, but we’d prefer to host a carefree, comfortable show for everyone once things get back to normal.


Friday Night Happy Hour Zoom Meetings

With days being longer and nicer, online attendance has fallen off for our IPMS Livonia Friday Night Happy Hours.  We’ll probably cut them down to every two weeks, or once a month.  Have any input?  Let us know!


Our July Contest

The Pierson Center is still in lock-down, and may/may not be an option for us as a meeting place once they re-open.  We are investigating other venues.  Hopefully, our July meeting will be a face-to-face meeting, with real models on real tables!  Stay tuned for further developments.

In July, we’ll hold our usual Model-of-the-Month contest, so get your latest work ready!  Can anyone knock Erik Hjelmberg and Robert Helms off of their lofty perches?  See you then!


Hot or Cold Mini-Contest

This month we held a ‘Hot or Cold’ contest, which was open to any old or new model with a general hot or cold theme or paint job.  Out of the 7 entries, members voted  Travis Blevins‘ Grand Master Victor figure the winner.    This figure is hard to beat, and has won many club contests and awards.  Well done Travis!

You can find the entries below, and you can check out the full gallery here.

Hot or Cold Winner!

Travis Blevins
Grand Master Victor
Games Workshop 25mm

Ian Dow
Santa’s Rest
Andrea Miniatures, 55mm

Jim Ashford
Hurricane Mk IId
Hasgawa 1/48

Hot-or-Cold #1
Erik Hjelmberg
1/72 Jagpanzer, possibly Dragon

Steve Freeman
RoboTech Defender Thoren
Revell 1/48 scale kit # 1150

Albert Divetta
Rioting Villager
Reaper 1/35

…and finally…

Erik Hjelmberg
Whirlpool Ice Cube
1/2 scale Scratch built