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September 2020 Model of the Month Gallery

These are the entries for our online Model-of-the-Month contest for September 2020.

Members can vote for their favorites at the bottom of the page.

When voting is complete, this gallery will be open to the public.

Adult Entry 01

Erik Hjelmberg
Zvesda Panzer 38(T)
“Built out of the box, stowage from styrene and green stuff. Scratch built bridge from styrene, base from styrene with Sculptamold and Vallejo water.”

Adult Entry 02

Erik Hjelmberg
Academy Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad
“Built out of the box, stowage from resin and green stuff. Base and road from styrene with Vallejo ground texture.”

Adult Entry 03

Erik Hjelmberg
Zvezda Beutepanzer T-60
“Built out of the box, left the running gear in Russian green well painting the upper haul in German gray since it’s a captured tank.  Greenstuff stowage, base is styrene, with scrachbuilt wooden walls, Sculptamold and grout for dirt.”

Adult Entry 04

Steve Freeman
Canadian 3″ Mortar Team Vignette
“This 72nd scale vignette presents a 3” mortar team of the 1st Battalion, The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor), 4th Armoured Brigade, 4th Canadian (Armoured) Division in North West Europe late 1944.

The figures are from AB Figures metal 20 mm 3-inch Mortar Team finished with Vallejo Model Color and Model Air acrylics.

The Carrier is a kit bash of IBG Models Mk.II (Mortar) carrier kit (body and weapons) Plastic Soldier Carrier (running gear and track). Added small details: control rods and mesh basket in drivers compartment, mortar shell storage rack rails, straps on rifles, tie downs of secured gear.

Finished in Tamiya mix for SCC No 15 Olive Drab with Aleran Miniatures 76th scale markings for unit presented.

Fun build, although I struggled with fragile finish provided by the Vallejo paints on small scale metal figures when manipulating to capture small details. ”

Adult Entry 05

Jim Ashford
Hasegawa F-16A Fighting Falcon
1/48 scale
“Small horizontal tail planes from WolfPack Designs
Tamiya pilot head on Hasegawa pilot body
Markings from RepliScale, 107th FS when they first Transitioned to the F-16 in 1990.
Built for the 107th FS History project”

Adult Entry 06

Fabrizio Pesce
Ferrari 250 SWB
“This is the winner of the 1961 Tour de France road racing, … wanted to show the car in a road setting the signs are scratch built, i used rail road pre made items for the scenery.
The car is a Ferrari 250 SWB for : short wheel base.”

Adult Entry 07

Mike Kendel
Monogram Midget Racer
Box Scale
Used tools and paints that you would find in 1954.
Read his write-up here.

Adult Entry 08

Randy Helms
Tamiya M2A2 Bradley
“Tamiya, built OOB, stowage is from spare parts bin, weathered with various washes, and pastels. CDR is Verlinden Production NBC”

Adult Entry 09

Erik Hjelmberg
Fictional Steel Plate Gon
N-Scale 1/160
“1/160 “n” scale fictional steel plate Gon based on the reading GHm prototype.
Started with a ready to run BLMA 52′ ACF 70 ton Gon (see the photo with two that’s what I started with), did a partial repaint down to black because I was too lazy to redecal the dimensional data. And patched it out, decaled it for Penn central and added some graffiti. Then I scratch built the rack based on the reading GHm gons from 92 pieces of .010 strip. The steel plate were given texture with a mix of Tamiya putty and glue. The paint it Vallejo and tamiya.”

Adult Entry 10

Christ Wesley
Bandai GP02-A
“This is one of the main antagonist suits for Stardust Memory and is capable of launching a nuclear strike anywhere on earth or in space. I painted this with Tamiya to the original art, but added 7 LEDs into the kit to add additional details and effects to the thrusters and Hyper Bazooka. ”

Adult Entry 11

Chris Wesley
Bandai Master Grade Barbatos
“This the main protagonist suit from Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans, one of the most recent series. I painted this kit mainly with Tamiya paints following the line art. I really tried to master preshading with this kit and i think it shows pretty well. I also put 8 LEDs into the kit, 2 in the head, 2 in the shoulders, two in the knees, 1 in the chest and 1 in the back thruster. The base was custom made and painted using broken up concrete and pink insulation foam.”

Adult Entry 12

Chris Wesley
Bandai Master Grade GM Sniper II
“This is from Gundam War in the Pocket and is a specialized long range sniper type. I painted this to the original line art with rattle can paint. This is one of the coolest grunt suits in all of Gundam and is a fantastic model.”