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November 2020 Model of the Month Gallery

These are the entries for our online Model-of-the-Month contest for September 2020.

Members can vote for their favorites at the bottom of the page.

When voting is complete, this gallery will be open to the public.

We have 17 Adult entries. and 0 Junior entries this month.

Entry 01

Chris Wesley
Gargantuan Storm Dragon
Wizkids D&D

I have been wanting to get into painting figures and miniatures for a while now and decided that a larger dragon would be a great place to start. This model was mostly hand painted with various shades of blue and white from the Vallejo Game Color paint line. I also used a UV reactive/Glow in the Dark paint from Createx that makes the Wings, Spin, Torso, Mouth and Eyes glow under black light. I mounted this to a custom cloud base to make it look like it was creating a lighting storm.

(Chris made a brief video of his entries. Check it out here on YouTube.)

Entry 02

Chris Welsey
MM48A2 Patton Tank

This was picked out by my daughters and given to me as a birthday present. They knew that I had never built any armor before and thought I needed some more variety on my shelf. This was a very pleasant kit to put together with minimal seamline removal needed or clean up and little issue getting the treads to stay together. I decided to keep the tank fairly clean like it has recently arrived on the battlefield and kept the decals to a minimum. This was also one of my first times including LED lights in a kit and I am really happy with the flickering “Michael Bay” style exhaust coming our of the barrel. The LED can out of a Dollar Store LED votive candle. I used Vallejo Weathering Effects on the swamp/bog base that the tank is resting on.

Entry 03

Chris Wesley
Pit Devil
Wizkids D&D

This was my second miniature that I have painted and have to say that I am truly impressed with how well the sculpting and detail are at this size. I mainly painted this with Vallejo and Tamiya Paints by hand and dry brush, with multiple layers of black wash over the entire model. I mounted this to a custom base that looks like it has broken out of Hell and is walking down a bloody street.

Entry 04

Chris Wesley
Shadow Fox

This is one of the main units from another TV show called “Zoids”. In this universe, all military and sporting activities are conducted inside giant animal robots. The Shadow Fox is primarily a stealth unit that has a Gatling Gun, Smoke Emitters, Active Camouflage, Heat Claws and a tail mounted Rocket.

Entry 05

Chris Wesley
RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Phenex – HG
Bandai 1/144

I painted this kit to the line art. This Gundam was developed to be piloted by “Newtypes”, the next evolution of humans as we move to living in space colonies. The Shields can be individually controlled and sent to either defend or attack. The Gold coating on the suit allows it to be impervious to beam and laser weapons and can only be damaged with physical rounds.

Entry 06

Erik Hjelmberg
ST-AT (stationary terrain armored turret) “Crippled Chicken”
Bandai 1/144

Since the imperial force were inspired by the Germans I wanted to build a star wars pantherturm, started with the bandai atst kit, built a support structure and wall from styrene, base is styrene with vallejo ground texture and  army painter grass

Entry 07

Erik Hjelmberg
WW2 Airplane Tug
Academy 1/72

Rebuilt the frame, for reasons I can’t remember, sat in a box for months, pulled it out and finished, painted faded yellow over olive drab, to look like a surplus tug bought by a small airport, base styrene, fence scratch-built with styrene, concrete slabs handscribed styrene

Entry 08

Erik Hjelmberg
sd.kfz 13
S-Model 1/72

Build out of the box, s model always surprises me for how good they are for gaming models, the figures were an unknown metal one and I believe an hasegawa plastic one. Base is styrene with greenstuff rolled out with green stuff world rolling pin and sanded grout for dirt

Entry 09

Erik Hjelmberg
Pink Panther
Meng 1/56

Built out of box, Tamiya paint

Entry 10

Erik Hjelmberg
Trumpeter 1/72

It was a one day build off with Glenn, he got sidetracked and finished it weeks later, I finished the model in 18 hours without the base, and that included going to bed for the night. Modified the kit by adding cast texture to the turret with Tamiya putty, added flame cut marks on the edges of the armor plates. Cut off and added new fenders from brass shim stock and scratch built bedspring armor from Eduard mesh and styrene.

The base is made from styrene with Sculpamold and sanded grout for dirt, the figures and brick wall were from Zvezda, the fish was stolen from a friend’s figure drawer and the water is Vallejo still water

Entry 11

Randy Helms
M1A1 Operation Desert Storm. 2nd 32nd Armored BN
Tamiya 1/35

Entry 12

Russ Hjelmberg
Sherman M4A3 tank
Revell 1/144

My first submission….be kind…  😊
Built out of the box, my son made the stowage for me, paint is tamiya rattle can for the olive drab, and vallejo for the rest.
It was made to go into the trumpeter 1/144 lcm 3 I’m currently working on

Entry 13

Fabrizio Pesce
Ferrari / F1 – 412 T1 – Brazil 1994
BBR 1/43

The kit is 1/43 scale …from BBR, white metal with many Photo-Etches. Made a few add-ons, including a new NICE set of slick racing tires i found from a vendor in Italy, which complimented the kit very nice.

The disk brake assembly is very detailed and nice for the scale, thus I wanted to be visible reason why I set up the model in a mini diorama Pit Stop in a plastic case.

Entry 14

Keith Parmentier
DeHavilland Comet 4 Jet Airliner
Novo 1/96

Notes – Aftermarket decals (originals were too old to use)

Entry 15

Kieth Parmentier
Revell 1/72

Notes – Added things like cockpit (bridge) instruments, weathering effects

Entry 16

Keith Parmentier
Airfix 1:76

Notes – Scratch built items like rear hatch, antenna, and added winter camouflage/weathering.

Entry 17

Bob Larke
Trumpeter 1/16

It is a Trumpeter M1A2 kit converted into a M1A2K for Kuwait. Many scratch built and 3-D printed additions to the basic kit.

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