IPMS Livonia

Livonia, Michigan, USA
A Proud Chapter of IPMS USA Since 1976

Monthly Meeting – November 2020

In our November meeting, we started off by electing new officers. Our club officers for the 2021-2022 season will be:

President – Chris Wesley
Vice President – Randy Helms
Secretary – Albert Divetta
Treasurer – Alex Mierzejewski

Thanks to former VP Travis Blevins, and to John Kesner, who has served as Club Treasurer for many years.

We spent the rest of the meeting yukking it up and having a thrilling evening. Well, almost everyone was thrilled…

For our final Model-of-the-Month contest, we had seventeen submissions. Thanks to everyone who entered!

The winner was Randy Helms, with his 1/35 M1A1 Operation Desert Storm.

Check out all of the entry photos here, and the gallery below.

And that leads us to the Modeler-of-the-Year!

Congrats to Erik Hjelmberg who was able to take the top spot for 2020. Erik submitted 22 models this year and won two model-of-the-month contests. Great job!

Robert Helms is our Junior Modeler-of-the-Year. Robert submitted 5 models this year! Congrats!

Check out the full standings for the 2020 season here.

Model-of-the-Month Entries…

Randy Helms
M1A1 Operation Desert Storm. 2nd 32nd Armored BN
Tamiya 1/35

Bob Larke
Trumpeter 1/16

Chris Wesley
Pit Devil
Wizkids D&D

Chris Welsey
MM48A2 Patton Tank

Fabrizio Pesce
Ferrari / F1 – 412 T1 – Brazil 1994
BBR 1/43

Chris Wesley
Gargantuan Storm Dragon
Wizkids D&D

Erik Hjelmberg
Trumpeter 1/72

Erik Hjelmberg
sd.kfz 13
S-Model 1/72

Keith Parmentier
DeHavilland Comet 4 Jet Airliner
Novo 1/96

Keith Parmentier
Airfix 1:76

Kieth Parmentier
Revell 1/72

Chris Wesley
RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Phenex – HG
Bandai 1/144

Erik Hjelmberg
WW2 Airplane Tug
Academy 1/72

Russ Hjelmberg
Sherman M4A3 tank
Revell 1/144

Chris Wesley
Shadow Fox

Erik Hjelmberg
Pink Panther
Meng 1/56

Erik Hjelmberg
ST-AT (stationary terrain armored turret) “Crippled Chicken”
Bandai 1/144